BROZO is a movement, aiming to create the biggest & best web3 native brands in the world through
art and

Summary / Introduction

Welcome to BROZO, a revolutionary culture embedded in the exciting world of web3. We are trailblazers, committed to cultivating a resilient community that pushes the boundaries of digital and virtual possibilities. With an eye on the future, we're set on becoming the biggest fashion house in web3, embracing avant-garde design and setting trends on a global, decentralized stage.

At our core, we're community-centric, dedicated to rewarding our supporters for their unwavering trust and advocacy. Join us on our journey to redefine fashion, community, and the way we interact in the digital sphere.

Welcome to BROZO, where web3 meets fashion-forward innovation.

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The Team

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Head of Marketing and Community

Seasoned blockchain enthusiast with extensive experience in the space. Specializing in Web3 marketing with expertise in leveraging social media presence to drive brand awareness and engagement. Skilled in content creation, social media marketing, community management, and early-stage NFT project growth.

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Lead Developer

RO Based, Full-time web3 degen, co-founder of Moonflow Labs. Building in web3 for the community with the community.

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DAO Member

It's important that we don't miss any steps in the process, no matter how small. Brick by brick.

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DAO Member

EPaZ: Poet and storyteller, founder of the BROZO9UNKS. Imagining stories and creating environments, one Brozo at a time. A good story can change the world.

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DAO Member

Eriq.x aka PurpleWave.polygon: Italian, dad, web3 developer and domain broker. Founder of DigitizID, a chain agnostic marketplace for digital identities. Br0l3x OG 👑

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